Nitzanim Program

Kulanu Religious School is proud to introduce you to Nitzanim, a yearlong community building enriched Jewish curriculum kindergarten program that is filled with exciting, stimulating and fun learning.  It’s a great way to continue your child’s Jewish education!

Meet once a week: Sunday morning

  • Hebrew:  vocabulary, reading and writing the Aleph Bet
  • Immersive Jewish experience – Israeli and Jewish culture, Jewish values
  • Torah Stories and Holiday study with songs, highlights and accompanying crafts
  • Learn Blessings and Prayers – T’fillah by roteShema beginning of Amidah
  • Music and movement, Creative drama
  • Arts and Crafts

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For information and registration please contact Connie Reichman, Director of Kulanu Religious School and Teen Education at (516) 482-7800 ext. 1110/ or Karel Tanenbaum at ext. 1134/

Find out about our great introductory Temple Israel membership rates by contacting our executive director, Jamey Kohn.

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