Early Childhood

Beth HaGan

At Beth HaGan we are committed to providing a warm, nurturing and caring environment in which children can develop and grow. Here children learn to interact, respect, and trust others while learning about themselves. Our moderately structured learning environment provides opportunities for teachers to teach across the curriculum and assist children in seeing the interrelationships between things they are learning. By establishing acceptable guidelines, we encourage positive behavior, fostering a sense of accomplishment and success.

Jewish experiences are brought to the children through their At Beth HaGan, children actively participate in Jewish experiences through a specially planned curriculum of stories, role playing, cooking, dramatization, music and movement, Shabbat and festival celebrations.

The philosophy of the Beth HaGan program focuses on meeting the individual and unique needs of every child through a developmentally appropriate curriculum. Classroom activities are designed with the understanding that optimal learning occurs in a child centered atmosphere which stimulates self-discovery. The environment maximizes personal growth while encouraging children to feel welcome to make choices, investigate possibilities and freely express themselves. The variety of experiences and opportunities offered provide social interaction, cognitive achievement, physical challenge and a true feeling of self worth, security, and confidence.

The key to such growth is through play. Play is the way children learn what no one can teach them. It allows children to create their own logic at their own pace. Concrete thought patterns change to abstract as children make sense of their own world by interacting with and transforming it. It is the way children orient themselves to the world of space and time, of things, animals, structures and people. Play is a child’s most valuable tool for preparing him or her for the future and its tasks.

The program is based on the principle of cooperation and communication between parents, school and child. Parent participation is considered essential as parents are an active part of their children’s learning experience.

At Beth HaGan, we….

  • …foster a working partnership between home and school.
  • …help each child become socially and emotionally well-adjusted.
  • …soften the transition from home to the outside world by providing a safe, stable, and trusting-nurturing environment.
  • …introduce children to a broad variety of integrated experiences and activities which are meaningful and relevant to their life experiences.
  • …encourage a sense of responsibility and accountability.
  • …encourage language development, positive social interactions and readiness skills.
  • …encourage each child to feel a sense of self worth and independence to build self-esteem.
  • …lay the foundation for future schooling by fostering a respect for a child’s individuality by challenging each child to fulfill his or her potential and by developing positive attitudes towards learning.
  • …maintain a classroom environment which instills curiosity, excitement and a desire to explore possibilities.

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