For some people membership in a synagogue means attending Shabbat services, or sending children to Religious School.  For others it means being challenged with the choice of where to go first when play rehearsal and a committee meeting are on the same evening.  We recognize the concept of being a member is not the same for everyone and that Conservative Judaism looks and feels different for families of nursery school children, for teens, for empty nesters and also singles.

Our members have varied backgrounds and even come from different countries.  Our differences are celebrated by sharing our recipes, marching together in the Celebrate Israel Day Parade and deconstructing with our clergy what it means to be Jewish in the 21st century.  We spend time together in kiddush and at shiva visits sharing both in the smahot (joys) and the tears.

For additional details on becoming a member of Temple Israel, please don’t hesitate to reach out. You can contact Laura Gal, the Chair of the Membership Team, by phone at (516) 286-6976 or via email at Laura will be delighted to connect with you at a time convenient for you and discuss how Temple Israel can become a welcoming part of your Jewish journey.

We look forward to crossing paths and introducing you to the Temple Israel community.