Summer Program

The Beth HaGan Summer Program offers a stimulating, active, fun, safe and happy environment for young children in our air conditioned building and brand-new playground. We offer an array of fun, exciting and educational activities for our youngsters. The program features:

  • Water fun: sprinklers, water games, fishing, water tables, bubbles, etc.
  • Sports and vigorous activities such as aerobic fun, soccer, baseball, basketball, lacrosse, dance, movement and dramatic play, bicycles and cars.
  • Special Events Days: Puppet Show Day, Show and Tell Day, Car Wash Day, Messy Monday/Filthy Friday
  • Entertainment: Magic Show, Puppet Show, Hip Hop Day and more.
  • Shabbat celebrations: Oneg Shabbat, songs, blessings, challah baking, instruments and Israeli folk dancing.
  • Arts and crafts: A variety of materials and projects are featured in our art room.  Come check out “The Gallery” at any time!
  • Nature program that includes planting and caring of flowers and plants.
  • Music: creative music and movement and drum circle, karaoke, instruments and music galore!
  • Picnics around the trees
  • Enrichment: small groups working on cooking, arts and crafts, science, math, reading readiness, library time and more.