The Joseph narrative is continued as Judah makes a moving appeal to Joseph, still unrecognized by his brothers, on behalf of his brother, Benjamin, who had been accused of stealing Joseph’s goblet in this portion. Judah’s words convince Joseph that his brothers truly changed since they sold him. He reveals himself to them, inquires about his father’s health and assures them that their action was part of God’s plan to put him in a position to save lives. He invites the entire family to come to Egypt to live out the five remaining years of the famine. When Jacob arrives, Joseph presents his father at court and settles the family in a choice area of the land. In the following years, he continues his work and brings great benefits to the crown. Jacob’s journey to Egypt connects him with Abraham, who also went to Egypt because of famine, but is also the first step in the transformation of the patriarch’s family into the people of Israel.