We begin the final section of the Book of Deuteronomy, which treats of the last days of Moses in this portion. This is the shortest portion in the Torah, consisting of only one chapter of 30 verses. Moses’ mission is almost completed. There remain only a few details to finish before his death. These consist of bidding farewell to his people, presenting his successor, Joshua, to them (with some words of encouragement to him), writing down the Torah up to this point, and handing it over to the priests and elders with instructions to read from it every seven years at a public assembly. This reading is not to be for the purpose of teaching the people the basics of law, but rather to achieve a special purpose. It is to take place on Sukkot, at the start of agriculture and business following the year of release, when all Israelites are assembled in the central sanctuary. The reading is thus to affirm that in every area of ordinary life, the way to God lies only through His Torah and Torah is necessary to maintain the unity of the people and provide for its protection.