We find a description of the Mishkan, the portable sanctuary which was built in the wilderness to house the ark with the tablets of the Ten Commandments in this portion. The purpose of the Mishkan was to serve as a sign that God dwelt among His people. Moses is directed to gather from the Israelites a free will offering of all manner of precious metals, jewels, fine wood, fine materials, and spices to use in constructing the Mishkan and its appurtenances. Specific instructions are then given for building the furnishings of the Mishkan and the special tent that housed them. The Mishkan, as a whole, was meant to be a symbol, a portable Sinai, reminding the Israelites on their journey through the wilderness of their unique experience at the mountain. The Mishkan evolved by way of the Temple in Jerusalem into the synagogue, but the purpose remained the same. To this day, whenever we open the ark and look upon the Torah scrolls, we stand again at Sinai.