We continue the listing of the laws by which the Israelites are to live in the Promised Land in this portion. The focus here is on social organization, and consideration is given to defining the status and responsibilities of four different types of leaders: judges, the king, priest, and prophets. Judges are admonished that justice must be free, accessible and absolutely impartial. If there is to be a king, he must be a native Israelite and a constitutional monarch who governs in accordance with the Torah. He is forbidden to have standing cavalry or a harem, and he must himself study and obey the law. The priests are not to have any allotment of land, but they are to be supported by the people through taxes. The prophets will not be sorcerers, diviners or soothsayers or practice any kind of magic. They will be, like Moses, men who truly and accurately transmit God’s message to the Israelites. The portion concludes with laws concerning crime and welfare. They assure that personal rights are respected and human kindness is displayed, even during wartime.