In this portion we conclude Moses’ third discourse on the enforcement of the law. Moses tells the Israelites that they stand before God in their totality to conclude their covenant. That covenant is not only made with them, but also with those not present. All Israel—past, present and future— is bound to the covenant for all times. Moses predicts a future rebellion of the people against the covenant and the evils that will follow, including exile, but he also foresees the people’s repentance and their return to the land. In a striking statement of the nature of God’s commandment, Moses asserts that the Torah isn’t in heaven, or far from the people; it is now theirs to do with what they will. They must observe, study, interpret and apply it. As a peroration to the three discourses of Deuteronomy, he points out that it is up to the people to choose life and prosperity or death and adversity. In choosing to obey God’s commandments, the people choose life and will be able to enjoy the land that God promised Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.