We continue the final preparations at Sinai for the resumption of the journey through the wilderness to the Promised Land in this portion. The numbering of the Levitical families and assignment of porterage duties for the Mishkan is concluded. Several laws dealing with the purity of the camp and the family are then promulgated, including a trial by ordeal for a woman suspected of adultery. These are followed by a description of the restrictions incumbent upon any person who takes a Nazarite vow as an act of special piety. Nazarites must refrain from drinking wine or alcohol, from cutting hair and coming into contact with the dead for a specified period of time. Moses is then instructed to teach Aaron a special three-fold blessing which he is to use in blessing the people. The portion ends with a detailed account of the gifts brought by the princes of the tribes on the occasion of the dedication of the Mishkan. The gifts were identical, yet they had different symbolic meanings for each tribe. The offering of identical gifts by the tribes, regardless of their size, emphasized the equality of each tribe and each person before God.