In this penultimate portion of Deuteronomy (the last of the weekly readings), Moses gives a final message to his people in the form of a song. Just as Moses began his ministry with a song of triumph at the Red Sea, he concludes it with a hymn of joy on the banks of the Jordan, in sight of the Promised Land. The song begins with praise of God for the special care He has given Israel. The people, however, have spurned God and His laws. Because of their unfaithfulness, they will suffer God’s wrath, but ultimately He will show mercy and deliver the Israelites from their enemies. Moses adjures the people to take his words seriously and remember that the laws of the Torah are the essence of their lives. God then directs Moses to ascend Mt. Nebo and to look at the land promised to the Israelites. Moses is destined to die without entering the land, but he has successfully completed his mission of bringing the people through the wilderness. It will be for another leader to take them into the next stage of their lives.