We continue the section of Moses’ second discourse, in which he sets forth the religious foundations of the covenant at Mt. Sinai, in this portion. He reminds the Israelites that during the entire period of the wilderness wandering they enjoyed God’s care, as witnessed by the fact that their clothing did not wear out or their feet swell and they were provided with manna for food. Moses cautions the people about what is likely to happen to them when they come into the good fruitful land that they are about to enter. He reminds them that they must never assume that it is by virtue of their own hands that they will enjoy the produce of the land, but it is God who gives it to them. Moses then returns to history and recalls to the Israelites all their acts of defiance: the making of the Golden Calf, the complaints about lack of food and water, and the incident of spies. He points out that it is only because he interceded for them with God that they are able to enter Canaan.