The Holiness Code continues with a group of laws that are to take effect when the Israelites enter the promised land in this portion.  The people will be permitted to work the land for six years, but the seventh year is to be a Sabbatical year of complete rest for the land. In order to provide sufficient food, God promises that the crop of the sixth year will yield enough for three years.  Further, after seven cycles of seven years, the 50th year is to be a Jubilee – a year of release for the land and all of its inhabitants. There follow a series laws concerning redemption of land and persons. The basic principle of land redemption is that all land belongs to God, and human owners possess it only as land holding. It is not the owner’s right to dispose of as they wish, and it cannot be permanently alienated. As for persons, if one had to indenture himself to work off debt, he was not be abused and was to be redeemed as quickly as possible. The portion ends with a prohibition against idolatry and an admonition to keep God’s Sabbaths.