In this portion, the march to the Promised Land finally begins. Among the last details dealt with at Sinai are preparation of the lamps of the menorah, dedication of the Levites to their duties, observance of Passover on the 14th day of the first month in the second year after the Exodus and the making of two silver trumpets to be sounded as a signal to assemble, to break camp or to take note of other special occasions. As soon as the people began their march, they began to complain. In response to Moses’ cry for help, God instructs him to gather 70 elders to assist him in leading the people. Miriam and Aaron then challenge Moses’ role as prophet. God vindicates Moses by punishing Miriam. These incidents of selfishness, even in the faith of God’s miracles, set a pattern that becomes a prominent theme of Scripture – the struggle to raise man above himself.