Small Groups Initiative Information Session


September 9, 2021    
7:00 pm

Join us in the tent for an information session and soiree to learn more about our Small Groups Initiative.

Temple Israel’s Small Groups initiative (Mifgashim/Encounters) is designed to build connections among congregants in a new way, using shared interests or passions, while maintaining a broader Jewish context. The congregant-led micro-communities will provide a space to learn, explore and grow as Jewish adults, to foster deeper relationships, and to strengthen the bonds within our congregation. A typical group size will be 8-12 members focusing on intimacy and connection.

Jewish life is not meant to be lived alone; we learn from our tradition about the value of being part of a community. Rabbi Hillel, inPirkei Avot, warns us: “Do not separate yourself from community.” As we begin to recover from the isolation and loneliness of COVID-19 quarantining, we hope you will take part in this exciting opportunity to connect and grow with members of our community. 

We are launching 4 groups this fall:

  • Golfing group
  • Challah baking group
  • LGBT and Allies group
  • Walking group

Each group will be led by our own fellow congregants who have stepped up and been trained by Rabbi Bethie Miller and the UJA. We are looking forward to bringing people who may not know each other together and have a great time. We will be following all health protocols laid out by Temple Israel and ensure a safe environment for all to participate.

We pray for a beautiful new year that brings us closer together in celebration,

Andy Katz, Jackie Harounian & Avi Siegel