Shabbat Talk – Out for Change


June 3, 2023    
12:45 pm

Join us for a Shabbat Talk on Saturday, June 3rd in the Blue Room at 12:45 p.m.

Out for Change – Israelis Who Have Left the Haredi Lifestyle for More Choice and Freedom
OFC (Out for Change) founder, board member and formerly ultra-Orthodox Yossi Klar will share his story and OFC CEO Nadav Rozenblat will share how OFC assists many of the 3500 people who leave the Haredi world each year.

Leaving Haredi society is a complex process fraught with educational, social, psychological and practical difficulties. Because Haredi society tends to be insular and unsupportive of those who choose to leave the fold, those who leave are often cut off from their families and traditional support systems as they navigate an unfamiliar world. OFC was founded by a group of Yotzim who were driven by their personal experiences to help others who have chosen a similar path and by the belief in the incredible potential that former Haredim have to contribute to Israeli society.