Finding Our Voice & Strength During Challenging Times: An Evening with Rudy Rochman


February 28, 2022    
6:00 pm

This event is free (in-person and via Zoom).

Dinner to follow at approximately 7:30 p.m.: $50 per adult and $25 for teens and young adults.

Registration is required by February 25th. Click here to register.  Zoom link will be sent after registration.

Rudy Rochman will lead a discussion on empowering Jews and allies, uniting diverse segments in Israeli society and the Diaspora, and generating innovative ways to combat anti-semitism.

Rudy Rochman is a Jewish Zionist activist with a background in advanced studies in political science from both universities in the U.S. and Israel, IDF service as a paratrooper, and fluency in Hebrew, English and French.  He is an outstanding communicator who inspires others to clarify and strengthen their commitments to Judaism and the State of Israel.