In honor of Israel Independence Day: Above and Beyond (2014)


May 9, 2022    
7:00 pm

Join Sisterhood of Temple Israel for our next film discussion series on TIGN Zoom.

This documentary tells the story of the American and Canadian fighter pilots, all WWII combat veterans, who smuggled surplus Nazi planes to Israel and risked their lives to fight in the war of independence.

Before the meeting, watch the film on your own at home. Google “Watch Above and Beyond 2014.”  Available FREE on YouTube, IMDB, TUBI. Also available FREE on Kanopy (the Library website) but you’ll need your Library card number to access this site. WARNING: Use only reputable websites. We will discuss the film within the context of the post-WWII period, the establishment of the modern State of Israel, how these pilots enabled the birth of the state and the attitudes of the Israelis toward these pilots.

Everyone’s welcome to join the meeting by:
• Computer: TIGN Zoom 
• Smartphone or Tablet
• Phone (audio only)

Please contact the Synagogue office at (516) 482-7800 for Zoom link/Meeting ID/password/phone number.