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Religious School Curriculum

Hebrew – The Hebrew program focuses on reading fluency as well as basic comprehension and simple conversational skills. Students who participate in Intensive Hebrew are expected to be able to converse more extensively in Hebrew, discuss stories in Hebrew, write simple stories in Hebrew and study some biblical texts in Hebrew.

T’fillah (Prayer) – T’fillah is taught in the classroom and through regular participation in Shabbat and holiday children’s services. Torah and Haftarah trope (cantillation) are taught in the Hay and Vav years (5th and 6th grades). Students become familiar with the key prayers of the Shabbat services, particularly Kabbalat Shabbat, Ma’ariv, Shakharit, the Torah service, and the concluding prayers, as well as prayers and blessings for Shabbat and holiday home rituals. B’nai Mitzvah will be given opportunities to lead portions of the service commensurate with their training.

Holidays and Mitzvot – Throughout the grades students learn about the meaning, history, laws and customs pertaining to each of the Jewish holidays. Each year, the students’ knowledge of the blessings, prayers, symbols, terminology and concepts associated with each holiday is deepened and expanded. Through classroom learning, special holiday programs in the school, holiday-related art projects, as well as through the synagogue’s holiday services and programs for children, the Religious School seeks to instill in its students a sense of the joy and excitement surrounding the celebration of the holidays. Shabbat receives particular attention through grade-level Shabbat dinners and the featuring of different grades in Junior Congregation and Machon Family services.

History – students  gain a familiarity with major Jewish heroes and events from Biblical to modern times, with an emphasis on character and peoplehood. Ahavat Yisrael – the love of Israel – is inculcated in our students at all levels.

Tanakh (Hebrew Scriptures) – Understanding of the major characters and narratives of the Torah is achieved through weekly Parashat Hashavua discussions, as well as in-depth studies of the books of B’reisheet (Genesis) and Sh’mot (Exodus) in the Hay and Vav classes

Jewish Values and Ethics – Through text study, discussion and participation in ongoing Tzedakah and G’milut Chasadim projects by all grades throughout the school year, we model and teach students the values inherent in Judaism and help them be actively involved in Tikkun Olam, repairing the world.

If you have any questions about the TIGN Religious School curriculum, please contact Rabbi Amy Roth, Director of Congregational Schools.

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