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New Strategic Planning Task Forces

The Strategic Planning Task Forces have been formed as part of Temple Israel’s 2015-16 Strategic Planning process. The data gathered in the initial portion of the process has indicated a number of areas that require further exploration. Our goal is to allow for and encourage a diversity of viewpoints.

Community Building & Outreach
       Co-chaired by Brent Greenspan and Robin Fleishman
• Intermarriage & Inclusiveness
       Co-chaired by Veronica Lurvey and TBD
• Youth Engagement
       Co-chaired by Dan Goldberger and Lisa Goodwin
Membership Outreach & Experience
       Co-chaired by Lynn Weitzman and TBD
Chesed & Social Action
       Co-chaired by Larry Greengrass and Eleanor Yomtobian-Askari
Financial Sustainability (closed)
       Co-chaired by Lila Bernstein-Schoen and Steve Shepsman

To join a Task Force and for additional information contact chairs:
Lynn Weitzman at 773-2814
Larry Greengrass at 466-6296

Click here to view the "We Are Temple Israel" video.

Strategic Planning Progress: For more information about the strategic planning process, as reported in The Voice: “Planning for the Future of Temple Israel” (July 17, 2015), “Planning for Temple Israel’s Future” (November 13, 2015), and “From the President: Strategic Planning” (December 18, 2015).

The Committee Members: The members of the Strategic Planning Committee bring a wealth of experience, expertise and a variety of viewpoints to the strategic planning process. Each is committee to the continued vitality and growth of Temple Israel. The committee members are: 
Lila Bernstein-Schoen
Kiumarz Geula
Daniel Goldberger
Larry Greengrass, Co-chair
Brent Greenspan
Veronica Bisek Lurvey
Rob Panzer, President
Leon Silverberg, Executive Director
Rabbi Howard Stecker, Senior Rabbi
Lynn Weitzman, Co-chair