Please donate clothing and toiletries for Youth House Midnight Run

The Youth House teens are going on a Midnight Run on Monday, November 1st from 7:00 p.m. to midnight to help the homeless.  The Youth House is collecting donations of the following items, which should be be dropped off at the synagogue building.

  • Warm coats. Dark colors are preferred.
  • Durable pants & belts men’s and women’s.
  • Socks rolled in pairs, New preferred.
  • Underwear and thermals men’s and women’s.
  • Sweaters, sweatshirts, long-sleeve shirts, T-shirts, hooded sweatshirts.
  • Hats and gloves for winter.
  • Shoes and boots – men’s sizes 9 through 12 and above, women’s size 7 through 11.
  • Blankets, washcloths.
  • Soap, deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, razors, shaving cream (travel size).
  • Lip balm or moisturizer.
  • Feminine hygiene products.
  • No Candy! Candy in toiletry kits (it’s happened) yields soap-flavored chocolate.
  • Backpacks

Volunteers are also needed to drive into the city.  Please contact Avi Siegel at if you are able to drive or if you have any questions.